Weight Loss Plan: How To Effectively Plan And Get Most Of Your Diet

Weight Loss Plan: How To Effectively Plan And Get Most Of Your Diet

Before You Get Started

Let’s say that you decided to lose weight. You found a great diet or weight loss program and are ready to give it a try.

Don’t start right away. Decide a date when you will start this new program, let’s say three days from now.This will give yourself time to get used to idea, to examine your new diet’s requirements and get prepared for it.

Examine carefully your actual lifestyle and eating habits against your weight loss program needs. Consider what should be changed, and what is possible to be changed at this stage. Don’t turn your whole life upside down from the first day, because the chances are you will drop it very quick.

Get Informed

If your diet or weight loss program require special foods, or supplements, or to join some kind of fitness club is wise to gather all the necessary informations before you start. Find out where you can find the foods or supplements you need, which brand is best, visit the fitness center or contact them, and so on.

Make a Diary

Write everything down. What changes are you going to do, meals plan, exercise program, what you think will be easier to accomplish and what are your biggest challenges. Make a “to-do” list from the easiest to hardest tasks about your weight loss program. Once a week revise it and note your progresses.

Step By Step

Take your time in replacing your foods, even if you have to go for a while against your diet recommendations. Start with a different type of breakfast; get used to it and become familiar with. Then change your lunch portion, then replace your snacks, your drinks, and so on. If it will take a couple a weeks until you fully incorporate all the changes, don’t worry. You want to be as sure as possible you will stick with your new eating habits; so don’t push it too much.


The same approach as with the diet. You don’t want to exercise for an hour the first day, then get all your body sour and take a week off. Start with a small amount of exercises and increase it every other day. Also you should consider that 10-15 minutes daily is more effective than 1 hour once a week.


Don’t even get near a scale in the first week, and if you can, not in the second. After that avoid measuring your weight too much. Use your diary as a progress indicator, your wellbeing feelings and a meter.

Is not hard!

The more you are convinced that is hard to lose weight, the harder will be. Maybe dieting is hard, maybe is not. Because you are the one who decide that! Don’t listen to people who complain all the time about difficulties, don’t believe that is hard. Keep an open attitude , try before you decide is hard. And remember this: first time is difficult, second time it gets easier, third time is a habit. You are on your way to lose weight!