Self Employed Health Insurance Plan – The 3 Things You Must Know

Self Employed Health Insurance Plan – The 3 Things You Must Know

You may be self employed, or perhaps you are helping someone who is self employed to find good information about available self employed health insurance plans, that is why you have reached this article.

If you are any of these then we sure hope that you find the information we have put together in this article helpful for whatever purpose it may serve you.

3 Things To Know About Self Employed Health Insurance Plans

Self Employed Health Insurance Plans Are Mandatory By 2014

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By 2014, under the Affordable Care Act, all U.S. citizens of the legal age requirement will be required to have a health insurance plan, otherwise, the set penalty has to be paid.

We have discussed this even more in our earlier article entitled Health Insurance Plans And The Affordable Care Act. As we have shared in that article, the Marketplace will be opened for enrollment starting this Oct 1, 2013. The Marketplace is a great venue that can help people find the Self Employed Health Insurance Plan that best suit both their budget and their needs,

Affordable Self Employed Health Insurance Plans Are Possible To Find

Yes, that is true. Self employed health insurance plans with good coverage does not always have to be costly. Certainly, affordable health insurance plans are available and its so possible to find and get them for yourself. It may just require some precious time and efforts dedicated for thorough research, but yes, it is very possible to find them!

You could also use these tips to find affordable Self Employed Health Insurance Plan.

There Is A Reliable Online Resource For The Self Employed

Perhaps you already know about it but it could also be that you still don’t have an idea of it at all. So, as we do not want to leave anything to chance, we have chosen to share in here about the National Association for the Self-Employed, or the NASE.

If you have signed up as a member of NASE in their official website, then you have access to their Member’s Resources which has this coverage:

“From access to health insurance and advice from our small-business experts to discounted rates for credit card processing and business formation services, NASE Members have access to the benefits they need to start, run and grow a business.”

Check their site for many useful information which could help you learn more about the resources, requirements and benefits available for the self employed individuals.

A Very Important Note Regarding Self Employed Health Insurance Plans

We cannot over emphasize on the need to really gather reliable and substantial information regarding the particular self employed health insurance company that you are interested in before finally deciding to get an insurance policy from them. This is very important. It not only keeps you from the danger of choosing companies who won’t be there when you will need them in times of claims, you also get the quality of insurance coverage that you and your investment deserve.

So, when choosing a self employed health insurance plan, do not ever decide out of haste. Choose to make a well-informed decision.

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