A Cleansing Diet for Jason Moser - Case Study Number 1!

A Cleansing Diet for Jason Moser - Case Study Number 1!

A cleansing diet is the first program Jason Moser has tried to reach his body health goals. This is the first official case study for Jason Moser showing his progress, lessons learned, and product review as he strives to achieve his overall weight loss and body health goals.

This case study is designed to track my progress throughout my difficult journey, sharing my lessons learned and my recommendations along the way. I will let you know what is working and what isn''t working so you can make a better decision on how to use the products, systems, or exercises I have used throughout my case study.

My first case study is based on a cleansing diet a friend of mine introduced me to. After watching several videos and testimonials, I was truly convinced that this was the system for me and I jumped right into it. So did my wife, but she has chosen not to provide an official track of her progress since she is very shy about her body, though I''m going to sneak some in here anyways.

Before I get started with my thoughts on this cleansing diet, I would like to invite you to check out the Thirty Day Cleansing System for yourself so you can check out all of the great products involved with this program for yourself. Or you can contact me regarding this particular case study to learn more information.

Jason Moser''s Official Review of a Cleansing Diet!

This is my official review of the products and services offered by the cleansing diet I started my body health goals with. For every goal, you must have a vehicle with which to carry you through to the end. This is also my biggest learning curve, since this is pretty much the first time I really sat down and thought about my health from the inside out.

Case Study End Date: August 1, 2011

Duration of Case Study: 3 Months

The beginning stage of my cleansing diet was probably the most difficult since I really had to change everything about how I was eating, drinking, and working out. I did my initial weigh in and body measurements, cleaned out my refrigerator and cabinets of all unhealthy foods (which was just about everything in there) except for a couple days worth while I waited for the 1st of May to actually receive my products and start my cleansing and weight loss products.

I chose the 30 Day Cleansing System as my first case study to start things out. It was rather pricy to me, but with what I saw on the videos and testimonials, and knowing that it replaced two thirds of my meals, I just supplemented the cost of the system by redirecting my grocery and going out to eat money from my budget. And since my wife was going to do the system with me, it would only last for 15 days, so our initial goal was to just see how the first 15 days was.

Jason Moser Starting the Cleansing Diet!
The picture above is a picture of me, Jason Moser, including all of my numbers a few days before I started my case study at 200.8 pounds on 27 April, 2011.

The cleansing diet instructions were very easy to understand and easy to blend into my hectic days. The products were great and for diving right into it, the first day was very easy and I wasn''t plagued with hunger the whole day like I thought I''d be.

By day 8, my first official weigh-in after starting, I feel great, I have more energy, and am not feeling starved, even though I''m only eating one actual meal with hard food a day. My other two meals are nutritional meal replacement shakes and healthy snacks two times a day in between my meals. I followed the system exactly as it was written.

Total Weight Change in 8 Days: Down 6.6 lbs to 194.2 lbs

BMI Change: Down 1.05 to 30.41

Total Body Inch Change: Down 6.25 inches to 357.75 inches

Change in Waist Size: Down 1.5 inches to 41.5 inches

Change in Neck Size: Down 1 inche to 17 inches

Very impressive first week. I was totally motivated at that point, actually seeing real results from the system.

By the end of the first month, things seemed to slow down quite a bit. It could be because I was losing water weight, but every part of my body feels better. The cleansing seems to be working as my veins are beginning to show in my arms again, my skin has a lively glow to it, and I feel a lot better (less fatigue, less headaches, and less acid reflux attacks). Oh, and I noticed that my knees don''t hurt as badly as they did when I started.

Total weight loss for the first month is 12 pounds to 188.8 pounds. It is very difficult to keep with the cleansing diet schedule for an entire month, especially with outside influence into your routine. When people invite you to a cookout, it''s very difficult to resist all of the good food. I had a couple weekends like this during this month that may or may not have prevented more weight loss during the first month.

I even got to test out the system during my vacation. I was able to maintain my weight at exactly 186.9 pounds for 13 days, from the day I left until the day I returned, only doing half of the diet plan. This proves my second point of maintaining the weight off once you lose it.

By the end of the second month, I have made some more progress, but not as much as the first month. I do feel very healthy and my body is starting to tone out. By the end of June, I was 182.6 pounds, down 18.2 pounds from the start of my case study. It seems like it is going very slow because I want to jump on the scale every day.

Major Milestone Reached!

Woo hoo! I finally made it to a huge benchmark with my weight loss! I just got off the scale and it said 179.6 pounds! I''m finally below 180! I haven''t been below 180 pounds in over 10 years! Feeling psyched and ready to shoot for 170, my overall one year weight loss goal. Haven''t been their in probably over 15 years. I was very excited if you can''t tell. If that doesn''t motivate you and keep you motivated, nothing will.

Case Study Statistics for Jason Moser on 7-7-11.
On July 30, 2011, Did my 3rd and final month weigh in for this case study and I was very happy with all of my results.

Ending Weight: 177.4 pounds (Down 23.4 pounds)

Ending BMI: 27.78 (Down 3.67 points - Overweight)

Ending Total Body Inches: 339.25 inches (Down 24.75 inches)

Ending Waist Size: 38 inches (Down 5 inches right around my belly button)

Ending Neck Size: 17 inches (Down 1 inch)

And, as a side note, when I started, I was wearing size 36 pants. By the end of this case study, I was able to comfortably wear size 33 pants. That hasn''t happened in many years.

My Overall Evaluation of the 30 Day Cleansing System!

I am thoroughly satisfied with the entire cleansing diet plan presented by this system. My overall health has improved greatly, my weight has gone down more than it ever has during any one diet program, and the products taste great.

Highly Recommended!

I give this program five stars and will definitely continue to use and promote the products with this system as I know first hand that they work like they said they would. No false advertising here. They do talk the talk and walk the walk.

Follow-up and Continued Progress of the Cleansing Diet!

I have seen some great results with all of the products and services offered by this weight loss and health system. I continue to use their products, but because of the loss of motivation, not taking the products consistently, and eating more meats and breads, I have put back on most of my weight and belly.

I don''t believe it is the products doing this to me, I am doing it to myself. I stopped working out for 30 minutes a day (I''m lucky to get in one exercise day in a week). I did quit chewing tobacco on the 1st of August (cold turkey) which may have contributed greatly to this weight gain since nicotine is a natural weight suppressant. But I also stopped taking my shakes regularly and stopped cleansing every week.

On a side note, my wife has been taking the products for the cleansing diet right along side me. She started at 237.5 pounds May 1st 2011 and at the end of July 2011, she weighed 222 pounds, a total loss of 15.5 pounds. She has mostly just been drinking one shake per day, really not getting into it until recently. Since February 1st, 2012 to April 21st, 2012, she''s been sticking to the entire system and working out over an hour per day at least six days a week and is now down to 207 pounds, a total loss of almost 30 pounds in a year. She''s still very motivated about the cleansing diet and will continue it until she reaches her body health goal of 150 pounds by the end of 2012.

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